Underrated Song: I Only Wanted

Hi yet again,

Another week, another underrated gem. Last week I mentioned we’d be hearing a song from the great MC. Who is that, you ask? Why none other than Mariah Carey. I think she’s got some excellent songs in our repertoire, and this one is one of her most overlooked.


It’s called “I Only Wanted.” This is a lovely ballad, in the vein of “My All”, that focuses on the torment of the singer’s desire for her lover to return to her. Such pain! Such agony!

It’s from Mariah’s album Charmbracelet, never released as a single. Fun fact: It was co-produced by Randy Jackson, from American Idol! Here’s hoping it “charms” you like it did me.

Have an underrated Mariah Carey song? Share it in the comments.

Next week, a surprisingly upbeat cover by one of the most underrated artists ever, Robert Palmer.



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