Underrated Song: Breaking Hearts (Ain’t What It Used to Be)


For this week’s post, I thought I’d focus on of my favorite artists of all time, Elton John. He has produced great songs from “Little Jeannie” to “I Want Love” and is one of the world’s greatest musical acts. Elton was the first artist I ever really fell in love with (excluding Weird Al) and his music has  been a constant remember of those early days when I was discovering music for the first time.

For years, there’s been one song that I’d always thought was special that never got enough credit. I’m presenting that song here today. It’s called “Breaking Hearts (Ain’t What It Used to Be.)”

Ever heard of this one, guys? Unless you’re a big Elton John fan you probably wouldn’t. It wasn’t even released as a single. It’s from his album Breaking Hearts and boy is it, heart-breaking. A beautiful ballad about the realization, later in life, that loneliness is the consequence of all the heart-ache the singer caused in his relationships. The song soars to an angelic height, and finally rests in a resigned state. Essentially, this is what I’ve done, and this is what I get.

What do I get out of it? A great song to share with you!


So, what do you think? Am I wrong? Is it just another cheesy ballad? Tell me in the comments.

Next week, an underrated song from Mother Monster.



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