Underrated Song: Scheibe

MOOO HAW HAW! Happy Halloween, everyone!

To celebrate this momentous day, I have a song from the one and only Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga. It’s time to get creepy, it’s time to get scary, it’s time to get. . .German?

The “Scheibe” is in! This is a song from Gaga’s album Born this Way, and it’s a stand-out! “Scheibe” is an odd mishmash of faux German and fun dance beats. It reached number 6 on the Dance/Electronic Digital Songs chart and number 11 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart as well. When this album first released in 2011, “Scheibe” and “The Edge of Glory” were my favorite songs immediately. Both songs are so full of life and crackle with energy. “Scheibe” didn’t chart nearly as high as “The Edge of Glory”, but the charts don’t tell all. Next time you need something different at the club, try this weird pop powerhouse!

What do you think? What’s your favorite underrated Gaga song?

Oh, and shout-out to Gaga herself. Congratulations on the new album, Joanne!

Well, that’s October done. I hope you’ve enjoyed some overlooked gems in the music world. I’ll be back with more overlooked gems soon.

Bye for now!


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