Splintered Movie Dream Cast

Hi Everyone,

One of the medium that I (regretfully) don’t represent on my website very well is books. Now, I love reading, especially Young Adult Fantasy and Fairy tales. Last month, a series that I spent gushing over was the Splintered series. It’s a dark Alice in Wonderland retelling with an imaginative world and an intense love triangle. And I want to see it on the big screen! The characters are fantastic and it’d be a visual treat! So let’s take a look in the mirror and see what actors reflect the characters best:


Alyssa Gardner                         Dove Cameron

You probably know Dove from the super-popular Disney Channel show Liv and Maddie. You probably also know her as Mal, Maleficent’s daughter, in the also super-popular Descendants‘ films. Her portrayal as Mal captures that struggle between wanting to do good and wanting to do bad. She’d be a perfect match for Alyssa’s human and netherling sides, one tame and one wild. Not only that, they look a lot alike. I’d love to see this happen! And other people would love it too! Check out this pinterest board:  https://www.pinterest.com/aghowardamulet/casting-for-splintered/


Morpheus                                           Ezra Miller

Really? The Flash? He’s not even British! I know. However, have you seen Ezra Miller’s performance in The Perks of Being a Wallflower? He’s flirty, funny, and a bit off and that’s exactly what Morpheus is. I’m sure he’d be able to handle an English accent, but it’s his personality that would make Morpheus shine on screen like he does in the book. And if you go to Morpheus’ Twitter page, I’m obviously not the only one that thinks that.


Jeb                                                Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson is a rising star that I think would be perfect for the role of Jeb. He starred in this year’s Everything, Everything, a teen drama which allowed him to play more of a romantic lead. He’d have to capture a mix of Jeb’s tenderness and hot tempered-ness, but I think he would pull it off spectacularly.

Had this been the 90s though, this would be been my choice:

Joey Lawrence

Uncanny, huh? Wouldn’t that have been awesome?


This would be the line-up for the rest of the cast:

Alyssa’s Mom   –  Mena Suvari

Alyssa’s Dad  –  Josh Duhamel (though Timothy Olyphant is a really great choice.)

Jen – Hailee Steinfeld

Taelor – Ariel Winter

Related image

Ivory – Carey Mulligan (or Brittany Snow – get it? Snow and Ice?)

Red   –  Amy Yasbeck


What do you think? Who would you love to see in a film version of Splintered? Tell me in the comments!

See you next time!




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