Underrated Song: No Not Much

Hi peoples,

If Mariah Carey wasn’t to your liking (for some reason, I’m not sure why), today I have a great little ditty from Mr. Addicted to Love, Robert Palmer. It’s called “No Not Much.”


It was originally recorded in  1955 by The Four Lads. Here’s that version for comparison:

The original is slower and more yawn-inducing, but what I love about the song is the theme. Despite the fact that this woman is hard to love at times, the singer wouldn’t be better off without her. Reminds me of the Shakespeare poem “My Mistresses Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun.” Similar concept.

As far as the cover goes, the song is more lively and snappy. It’s something you could dance to. To me, Robert is such an underrated artist. I never hear anybody talk much about him, except when it pertains to his videos. The girls get more credit than he does and they don’t even sing! It’s a shame too. Palmer’s got a great growl in his voice that seduces the listener. He deserves to be rediscovered.

What do you think? Is his cover an improvement? What’s your favorite underrated cover? Underrated artist?


Next Week: A criminally underrated song by Mr. Fantastic.


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